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Deciding on a sleep medicine program for your facility is no easy task.  This decision will affect many facets of your organization.  At Whitney Sleep Diagnostics & Consultants, we have created a model unique to the rural market.  This model results in more than simply a win-win situation.  In fact, with Whitney, everybody wins:

Your Patients
Whitney not only brings in our state of the art equipment and registered polysomnographic  technicians, we adhere to strict protocols that help reduce the number of titration (second night) studies.  Our own Board Certified Sleep Physician will follow up with your Patient utilizing technology new to the rural marketplace via telehealth.  This allows your Patient to actually see and hear themself asleep during their study.  If CPAP is necessary, we are able to provide their equipment and educate your Patient on the use and care of their CPAP.  If they have any of the other 84 known sleep disorders, we are able to help them as well.  We also conduct quarterly CPAP clinic at your site which can be marketed to your entire service area.  Worn out and poorly fitting CPAP accessories can be addressed and replaced during these clinics.

Your Physicians
More than enough Physicians tell us of their frustration brought on by other sleep medicine contractors who only conduct the study and provide an interpretation.  From there, it is often up to the referring Physician to actually treat a Patient’s insomnia, parasomnias, or limb movement disorder (to name just a few).   From interpretation, to Patient follow up after the study, to treating the Patient for the duration of their sleep disorder; Physicians appreciate our model which allows them to rely on Whitney Sleep for all of their Patient’s sleep medicine needs.

Your Billing Department
Since Whitney Sleep Diagnostics & Consultants allows you to bill globally for both the technical (sleep study data acquisition) and professional (interpretation) aspects of each sleep study, your Patient receives only one bill—from their own local hospital -- for these services.  Some sleep contractors have the hospital bill for the technical while an outsourced Sleep Physician (who the Patient doesn’t know) bills separately for the interpretation.  This can be confusing for your Patient and can lead to unwanted calls to your billing department to explain the situation.  Our method of billing eliminates these types of calls and allows us to help brand the sleep program to your facility.

Your CEO / Administrator
As mentioned earlier, we allow you to bill globally, which means you capture revenue for both the technical and professional portions of the sleep study.  When you compare cost, make sure you determine who is billing for the interpretation.  We will also help you market your partnership with Whitney Sleep Diagnostics & Consultants.  Dr. Whitney will not only come on site for in-services to educate your Providers, he also conducts seminars to educate your community.  It is not unusual for a facility to see a 30% or more increase in the amount of sleep studies performed--some of our sites have tripled their sleep study volume after switching.  That can have a very positive impact on your bottom line.



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