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Why Sleep Medicine?
Considering Adding a Sleep Program or Upgrading From the Service You Currently Use?

Our top 5 reasons to begin a partnership with Whitney Sleep are:

5.  Patient Retention
4.  Revenue Growth
3.  Patient Care
2.  Patient Care
1.  Patient Care

Patient Retention:  If you do not offer sleep medicine services now, your provider staff is most likely sending those patients to the next larger facility for a sleep study.  When a patient goes to a larger facility for any service, there is a risk that the patient will continue to frequent that facility for future services (think about the handy local hardware store vs the big box store).

Revenue Growth:  Your facility bills globally for the technical and professional aspects of a sleep study.  Whitney Sleep receives a fee for service that is less than your reimbursement from Medicare and commercial payers.  The difference between those numbers is incremental revenue for your facility.  How much a facility adds to their revenue can vary, but ask our partner sites, and they will tell you the dollars are significant.  Give us a call and we can discuss in detail what a hospital can expect to gain from a partnership.

We help you promote the program by having Dr Whitney come to your site to meet with your provider staff and do a community talk.  We also distribute news releases, attend health fairs, conduct radio interviews, and provide a quarterly newsletter.  Sites that have switched to Whitney Sleep from other services tell us they experience an increase in study volume because of our model and method of implementation.

Patient Care:  Yes we list it three times.  In fact, if it were a Top 10 list, we would list it 8 times.  Our model is designed around patient care.  Every sleep company can tell a patient that they have a sleep disorder; we actually do something about it.  We know that if we take care of the patient, good things will happen.  Referring physicians love the fact that when they refer a patient for a Whitney Sleep study, that patient is going to receive follow up from a Board Certified Sleep Specialist.  We take ownership of the patient’s diagnosis, post-study follow up, initiation of therapy, and management of therapy. 

Your provider makes the referral, and we do the rest.  Period.



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